Can CBD Help Your Golf Game?

Can CBD Help Your Golf Game?

The Benefits of CBD for Golf 

There's a growing mountain of evidence that CBD can help de-stress and reduce inflammation and pain, in addition to a myriad other uses. In golf, CBD is one of the fastest growing trends for people who like to hit the links, and even some of the sport's forerunners, like Phil Mickelson, have been caught sneaking some CBD during actual PGA play - Mickelson himself was spotted dropping some CBD during the 2019 Masters.

But, Lefty isn't the only one with a CBD relationship. In fact, Bubba Watson, Charley Hoffman, and Lucas Glover each have their own official CBD sponsor. More golfers are opting for CBD to help them with their golf game, or at least to help manage pain and inflammation. 

Furthermore, if you venture into any pro shop today, you'll likely see at least one CBD product for sale, and if you haven't yet jumped aboard the CBD bandwagon, you might want to give it a try. That said, most consumers are more confused than ever about what CBD does and how it can help you play golf better - it might not reduce your handicap, though CBD may help you manage your golfer's elbow or other nagging injuries, in turn helping you to get more rounds of practice in.

Here's a look at the other ways in which CBD is an ideal partner for golf.

is CBD good for your golf game?

CBD Can Help You Play More Golf

By far the number one benefit of CBD is that it can help you play more golf. If you need days of recuperation after a round and you find it hard to hit the course day after day, CBD can help you recover more quickly and enable you to play more with less pain and soreness as the holes go by. 

Whether you're combating the effects of aging or trying to restore your body before that next round, CBD may be like getting an extra boost when you need it most. Instead of taking more days off to recuperate before you get back out on the green, CBD can help you play golf as often as you'd like, while potentially feeling better between and during each round.

CBD Can Help Calm Your Nerves

We've all been there - it's the first tee and all that excitement can make it hard to get a good first stroke and start the round off right. But, by taking CBD before that next tee, it can help calm those first-tee jitters, especially if a small queue has started to form. From a simple calming effect that can help make it easier to keep your head in the game, to minimizing pre-round nervousness, CBD is an excellent option for golfers.

For those that compete, CBD may help to provide even more useful benefits with all the challenges and ups-and-downs that are common with any elite-level golf outing. In addition to keeping those nagging pains at bay, CBD can help optimize the mind so that you can stay level-headed and consistent at the times when it matters most.

CBD for golf

CBD Can Reduce the Negative Effects of Travel

Most golfers travel quite a bit during the year, whether it's for business, pleasure, or competition. But when you're traveling much of the year, it can be difficult to get the balance you need to perform your best out on the course. With CBD, golfers can arrive refreshed and ready to go. Not only can that help you get the most out of your trips, but it can also mean playing better at those times when you normally don't.

However, you don't have to be a golf pro to integrate the benefits of CBD into your golf game. While more pros may be relying on CBD to help them gain a competitive advantage over their adversaries, even amateur golfers can combat the effects of travel and retain more energy during their frequent trips - energy that can be used to get more rounds of golf in.

CBD Can Help You Relieve Nagging Aches and Pains

It's an unfortunate reality of golf that all those swings are taking a toll on your back, hips, hands, and joints. But instead of just dealing with it, CBD is a great option for golfers that want to minimize those nagging aches and pains without resorting to heavy narcotics or other things that may mess with your concentration and focus. While playing through injuries is part of the game, no one says that you have to play when you're in pain out on the course.

With CBD, you can turn that next round of golf into an opportunity to feel great. From reducing inflammation and the aches and pain that have a tendency to build up day after day, CBD can give golfers more comfort out on the course, allowing them to focus on the game instead of all those debilitating aches aches and pains.

CBD Can Help Increase Your Energy and Focus

While there are many golf products out there that purport to give all sorts of advantages out on the golf course, sometimes the best product has nothing to do with the tech or your abilities - sometimes you just need more energy and focus to get the best performance. After all, if you're not feeling great and lacking the energy you need to get through that next hole, much less the entire round, you'll hardly play your best, even if everything else is up to par.

But if you bring some CBD with you out to the golf course, you can help turn that energy deficit into something that can help power your next round or weekend. Rather than feeling lethargic and losing your focus, CBD can help align your mind and body so that you can shoot your best rounds even when you're not feeling your best. From early tee times to that lengthy back nine that never seems to end, CBD represents a great way to tap into the energy and focus that you need to leave it all out on the course.

is CBD good for golfing?

CBD Products for Golfers, Athletes and Anyone

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