CBD for trade workers

CBD for Trade Workers

Trade workers are essential to our everyday lives, as their jobs provide services that we will always need.  With the baby boomer generation hitting the age of retirement, trade workers are needed now more than ever. Unlike receiving a four year degree from a university, these workers are able to get their certifications within a two year span, and make a great living in the industry. Trade work can include contractors, plumbers, HVAC, electricians, landscapers and more. Although their areas of expertise may vary, one thing they all have in common is the physical labor these jobs require. These occupations have a lot of positive outcomes, but what does not go unnoticed is the long term effects these workers face after being in the business over a period of time. Doing physical labor day in and day out has lasting effects on their bodies, and even on their minds. 

The most common lasting side effect to trade workers is muscle pain, back, and limb injuries. Topical creams such as IcyHot may become a construction worker's best friend, as their bodies slowly deteriorate from the constant stress it's being put under. Even the most healthy of individuals’ muscles are under strain when operating heavy machinery for hours, lifting and moving heavy objects, and physically bending down and fitting into tight crawl spaces. Skin conditions and breathing problems may also occur, due to the constant exposure of dust, chemicals, and other fumes being emitted into the air. 

Construction work and other trade positions can be extremely high pressure, thus putting a strain on one's mental health. Constantly having to make deadlines and working long hours can be exhausting on anyone- and then add the physical demands to these individuals and it's a recipe for anxiety and depression. 


CBD for trader workers

Naternal Benefits for Trade Workers

Naternal offers a variety of products that target relief for trade workers. If a worker has a strong relationship with the brand IcyHot, they may wanna step up their game to something that is not only an all natural remedy but also a little stronger (and still has that distinct menthol smell that we all know and love). Naternal's RESCUE CBD Muscle Cream is a non-greasy formula that targets to soothe joints and muscles that are bothersome, providing maximum relief. Many customers find this to be beneficial to alleviate pain to their sore bodies.

The largest organ in your body is your skin, and Naternal makes sure we have a line of products to take care of such. Workers who experience dry, cracked skin, or have skin irritation due to exposure to certain chemicals may want to try our SOOTHE CBD Body Butter. The Body Butter formula was designed by using a combination of natural ingredients that hydrate and soothe bothered skin. Even the toughest of men enjoy its light, non-greasy application and the relaxing smell of lavender. If they prefer more of a wax texture that does not have the menthol smell, we suggest trying one of our Salve products. The Salve formula can target cuts or wounds that are healing. It is not suggested to use it as a way to clean an open wound- but if someone has a scab or a scar they’d like to help along the healing process, the salve might be the best choice. 

Customers often express that CBD oil helps them sleep better and alleviate their stress. For individuals who wake up in the night or have trouble falling asleep, a few droplets of CBD under the tongue may help their body enter a state of relaxation. Trade workers who experience these problems may want to give our full spectrum CBD Oil a try. For certain people, CBD eases their bodies, and for others it eases their mind. There is a correlation between the reduction of stress and CBD. Although THC may cause paranoia in individuals, CBD has the opposite effect. It’s important to find relaxation before bed, but it is also important to feel relaxed and stress free before a day of work. A few droplets of CBD in one's morning coffee can help start the day on a smoother note. 

Another helpful CBD oil that Naternal offers is the MOVE CBD-CBG Oil. This potent formula provides a wider range of benefits due to the added cannabinoid called CBG. CBG can promote inflammation relief and muscle relaxation, making MOVE a great way to start your day, especially if you're someone working a physically demanding job.


CBD for trade workers

Drug Testing in Trade Industry 

A common worry for trade workers is whether or not full spectrum CBD products will show up on a drug test. Due to the nature of their work, they may be drug tested on a regular basis to make sure they are not using any illegal substances. The difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum is that full spectrum contains small traces of THC. These amounts can be so minuscule that they most likely would not show up on a drug test; however, there is always a chance that it could. If someone is worried then it may be safer to use a broad spectrum product.  

Broad spectrum products may contain several cannabis plant compounds, but are typically THC free. That being said, sometimes there still can be trace amounts of THC in a broad spectrum product. If you are looking for a product that is only CBD and has no other cannabinoids, you would want to try out a CBD isolate product. This is the only type of product that is guaranteed that to have no trace of THC. 

Why CBD Over Other Products

Due to the fact that CBD is not FDA approved, it puts companies in a difficult position to claim what their products can actually do for you. That being said, answers on whether or not CBD can provide the desired relief to any individual is something that they'll need to figure out on their own. This may be frustrating for some, but just look at it as a trial and error process. Everyone's body reacts differently. The best way to ease into the CBD world, is to remember to take it low and slow. You can start off with lower dosing, and try that for a few days. If you feel no effects of the CBD, try upping the dosage to see what works for you.

Are you wondering why you should consider CBD products? This comes down to a personal choice. If individuals are looking to take a more holistic approach to their healing, it's always worth it to give CBD a shot. There is a handful of research done that show the benefits of CBD on the mind and body, and it's up to decide if CBD is the right choice for you.