Does CBD help with Lyme Disease?

Does CBD help with Lyme Disease?

By Jasmine Plaunt from The Modern Lyme blog.

It is now May (where has this year gone?!) which means that it is Lyme disease awareness month! This month is special to me because not only do I connect with so many others, but I am able to tell my story in hopes to shed light to those who have not been impacted by this horrible disease.

I have dealt with lyme symptoms for almost 2 years. The symptoms range from headaches, joint pain, fatigue, anxiety, chronic hives, heart palpitations, and feeling sick to my stomach. When the discomfort gets too much my body will shut down. I will lay down on the couch and not be able to get up and do anything.

My husband and I recently went to Las Vegas where you can get CBD infused drinks at restaurants. A vegan spot had CBD tea so I decided to try it for the first time. Let me tell you, it was a complete game changer for me!

I have been on the hunt for a CBD company that I can trust and thats when I found Naternal. Naternal products are made from the highest purity and best quality! They use natural sources which is a must for us with chronic illnesses.

There are days that I wake up to my body hurting with every move, and I’ll make some CBD infused coffee. There are days where my joint pain is too much, and I’ll put some under my tongue for quick relief. Other times when my anxiety gets too much, I’ll make a tea and just relax within minutes, especially before bed.

When your symptoms become too much and you don’t want to go the medicated route, CBD is a perfect option to help ease that discomfort. If you’re struggling to find something for quick relief, I highly recommend giving these products a try! I purchased the Full Spectrum CBD tincture which has 0.3% THC, whereas the Broad Spectrum CBD has 0%. Full Spectrum has been amazing for managing anxiety and pain levels. I plan to try the Broad Spectrum next.

But not only do we benefit from CBD, our furry friends do as well! My dog Bella was diagnosed with Lyme disease in January 2020. Yes, our pets can get Lyme disease too! She was very lethargic, mostly slept all day and would hardly eat. I looked into a more natural remedy for her to ease her discomfort days, and Naternal offers our furry pets CBD oil in Full Spectrum! You'll see your furry pet do a complete turnaround with their pain level! Similar to how it is for us.

I know, trying something new can be a little scary. Trust me, thats why I waited so long to try CBD. Now I'm honestly mad at myself for not trying this a year ago and sticking through that pain because I did not know any better. Naternal has made not only my life, but my husband and dogs life better.