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'Dry January' - What’s All the Buzz About?

We all either have participated in or know someone who has participated in 'Dry January', but on the off chance you’re not one of these people, you may be wondering - what is 'Dry January'? In simplest terms, 'Dry January' is one whole month without consuming any alcohol. This New Years challenge is gaining in popularity because of its promotion of health and wellness at the start of a new year and it helps people to take a cleansing break from alcohol after the holidays. 'Dry January' gained traction in 2014, and in 2021 alone, 6.5 million people participated in 'Dry January.' Participated globally every year by millions of people, 'Dry January' is now a common practice worldwide. 

Does 'Dry January' Work? 

The skeptics, and those unwilling to take a month off from alcohol, may wonder what the benefits are and if 'Dry January' has any positive impact at all. Ultimately, there are many benefits to cutting back on alcohol, mainly for one's overall health and wellbeing, but it also encourages a time of mental clarity. Taking the time to give up alcohol for a whole month at the beginning of a new year is viewed by many as hitting the reset button. And by taking a month off from alcohol consumption, it promotes the forward mentality of drinking more mindfully. 


CBD and 'Dry January'

The Path to Mindful Drinking 

It is common for many 'Dry January' participants to have an alcohol-filled February following their month of limited alcohol consumption. Giving up alcohol so abruptly, and for a relatively short period of time, does not always provide long term results for everyone. Because of this, it’s easy to forget the goal of 'Dry January' and thus fall back into a lack of mindful drinking. The hope for many people is to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol and drink thoughtfully year-round. What happens after the one-month reset on drinking is completely up to you, whether it leads to full sobriety year-round, more thoughtful drinking, or even no change to your relationship with alcohol at all. A drastic change can feel intimidating, especially when drinking is a normalized, constant part of society. A change like this takes commitment, so keep in mind what your goals are and go easy on yourself to ensure you are successful! 

How CBD May Help You Get Through 'Dry January'

Cutting alcohol cold turkey for an entire month can be unappealing to say the very least. Thankfully, there are options that may make the change easier and provide a more natural way to 'take the edge off' or destress. CBD is one of these options that you may consider incorporating into your 'Dry January' routine. CBD has been researched for many health benefits, some in direct relation to studying why it may be a good replacement for alcohol. CBD is not only beneficial for your overall health, but it may help to decrease anxiety. When eliminating drinking all together, regularly using CBD may lessen the anxiety that comes with sudden sobriety. Also, CBD will not cause a hangover. One of the downsides to drinking is the unforgivable and unavoidable hangover the next day, but by using CBD instead you are sure to wake up refreshed and not experiencing excessive dehydration, sleepiness or fogginess. 

Overall, 'Dry January' is the place to start if you’re going into the new year looking to change your relationship with alcohol, and this change may be eased with the use of CBD. During your time eliminating alcohol, go easy on yourself and keep your expectations reasonable. Everyone has a different goal they are hoping to get out of participating in 'Dry January', so keep your specific goal in mind and enjoy a time of mindfulness, clarity, and no hangovers!