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Healing With CBD: A Natural Alternative for Kids

Parents have a lot of decisions to make about their children's health and wellness. One debate that many parents have is about the differences between artificial and natural products. Given how common it has become to use artificial fragrances, dyes, and flavors, it can sometimes be difficult to tell exactly what is in the products you're using.

It's understandable to be concerned about how these types of chemicals will affect your child's long-term growth and development. CBD is one of the most popular natural remedies available right now, and parents are starting to explore the ways their children may benefit from using it. Keep reading if you want to learn more about CBD's healing potential as a natural alternative for kids.

Where does CBD come from and how does it work?

how CBD does it work


For those who are unaware, CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is fairly "new", as products have only been available on the market for a few years. Hemp and hemp byproducts like CBD were made legal for manufacture and sale through the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Since then, the market for CBD products has grown exponentially, with some experts suggesting it could be worth $24 billion by 2024. This rapid rise in popularity has caused many people to start paying attention to this cannabis compound and its potential benefits in many different areas.

CBD doesn't contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that produces the euphoric high associated with other cannabis products. Its effects are more subtle and are often described as “relaxing” by users. Even though CBD is new and we still have a lot to learn about its use, consumers are raving about their experiences using it to manage issues like chronic pain, inflammation, occasional sleeplessness, and to improve appetite.

How can kids benefit from using CBD?

Many clinical studies are currently ongoing to determine what medicinal applications CBD may have, but there has already been significant progress made in the field. The FDA approved its first prescription drug, Epidiolex, just a few years ago. The drug, which can be used in patients one year of age and older, was designed to treat seizures associated with several rare forms of epilepsy. Initially, it was approved for use in individuals with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. In 2020, the drug was also recommended for use on patients with tuberous sclerosis complex as well. If your child experiences seizures due to any of these forms of epilepsy, you may want to talk to your doctor about whether or not Epidiolex could help.

There is research to suggest CBD may also have benefits for children who have Autism. In one recent study, Israeli researchers found that 80 percent of children saw improvement when taking CBD. Children were treated using CBD oil and observed over a period of seven months. After the treatment period, parents were asked to give an assessment of their experience. 80 percent reported a decrease in problematic behaviors and 62 percent described the improvement as "significant." Almost half of the patients also experienced reduced anxiety.

While there is still more to learn, some studies indicate that CBD may have potential as a remedy for ADHD. Stimulant medications are often the first option offered for ADHD treatment in children. Adderall, the most commonly prescribed drug, helps some children, but it can have a long list of potential side effects. These side effects can include decreased appetite, trouble sleeping, moodiness and irritability, headaches, and stomach aches. That leaves many parents wondering if there's a natural alternative. Anecdotally, many families have expressed that they had great experiences managing ADHD symptoms through CBD use.

You should always talk to a medical professional before you make adjustments to your child's treatment plan. Your family's pediatrician can better explain how CBD may affect any of your child's health conditions. They can also discuss possible interactions with other medications they're currently taking. Your child's doctor can also help you stay up to date on recent studies that may teach us more about how CBD can be used.

Why should you look for all-natural products?

all-natural products


Every parent wants to find the best and healthiest products for their children to use, this is a large part of why parents are some of the biggest buyers of organic and all-natural goods. When you look at the ingredient list for some foods and personal care products designed for children, it can often be confusing to see such a long list of chemicals that you don't recognize. Many also advertise products, like juices for example, while only clarifying in small print that it primarily contains artificial flavoring. This has urged many parents to start looking more seriously into what they buy for their children.

Using natural products with ingredients that you recognize will help you feel more at ease with the choices you make for your child. Opting for natural alternatives is particularly important when you're looking for anything that you plan to use topically. Children have sensitive skin and the artificial fragrances, chemicals, and dyes that are commonly used in conventional personal care products can cause uncomfortable irritation. If you're unsure about whether or not something is safe for your child to use, it's always best to check with your child's doctor first.

In the next few years, it's likely we'll learn a lot more about cannabidiol and how it can be used to improve overall health. Ailments like Epilepsy, Autism, and ADHD are just a few of the conditions currently being researched. Having a natural remedy available to treat your child with, as opposed to medications that can have a long list of side effects, is something that parents all over the world are interested in. Consult your family's pediatrician if you want to learn more about how your child may benefit from CBD. For parents, there are a number of compelling reasons to think about CBD as an alternative to some traditional health and wellness products.