Holiday Gift Guide For Men

Holiday Gift Guide For Men

Why is it that men never seem to want anything, even after hours of prying possible gift ideas out of them? Buying for the men in our lives can seem impossible, especially for the men that have it all. We found the perfect gift ideas for dads, husbands, boyfriends, uncles, nephews, and all of the other men we are eagerly waiting to shop for this holiday season!

1. Subscriptions boxes

Subscription boxes really are the gift that keeps on giving. Give the gift of continuous happiness and joy by sending monthly or bi-montly subscriptions to the men you’re shopping for favorite things. There are subscriptions to match exactly what your man’s interests are, whether it’s alcohol, clothing, tools, or food. Some of the most popular subscription gift boxes for men are: 

  • Shaving membership: Check out Dollar Shave Club! DSC allows for personalized subscription boxes to fit your man's needs! It’s perfect for the men who value their appearance, and also the men who occasionally forget when it’s time to buy new shaving equipment! 
  • Alcohol membership: There are tons of alcohol subscription memberships out there, so it definitely won’t be hard to find one for your man's drink of choice. The craft beer club sends 12 beers per month, all varying in styles, so it’s perfect for those who love to try new drinks! 
  • Clothing memberships

2. Food and Drinks

Let’s be real, food and drinks might be an overly common gift, but they’re an excellent go-to for the men that say they don’t need anything. From cooking sets, to food, and alcohol glasses, there is always something in this department that is perfect for the men in our lives. 

  • Grill sets: Grill sets are a must have for the men that love to cook, and this one off of Amazon includes all the tools needed for them to grill the perfect meal for a casual dinner in, a birthday party, gathering, or just about any other event. 
  • Whiskey glasses
  • Coolers

Gifts for men

3. Electronics

Electronics, especially ones that can be used daily, are an essential for everyone and make perfect gifts. They can make life easier when it comes to making sure all devices are charged and having everything you need for the day ready to go! They can be a necessity that your man didn’t even know he needed! 

  • Charging station: A charging station can be a lifesaver and very convenient for those who hate to lug around dozens of charging cords. From Amazon, this charging station includes a charger for an iPhone, Air Pods, and an Apple Watch. 
  • Control smart mug

4. Fitness and Wellness

The new year is right around the corner with Christmas quickly approaching, so the time for resolutions is upon us. If the men in your life are thinking of ways they can improve their health and wellness, we have some great ideas to promote the new year's resolutions! 

  • Fitness watches 
  • CBD: Naternal has CBD offerings for every type of user, ranging from those looking for a daily method of intake, those with specified pain areas, or those looking for a recovery method before or after working out. If your man’s new year resolution involves bettering his health and wellness and participating more in self-care, check out the wide array of products Naternal offers. 
  • Delta-8: Ground Control is a Delta-8 THC company, selling gummies that are perfect for self-care and recreational use. If your man is looking to loosen up and enjoy some time off this holiday season, Ground Control’s products are out of this world!