ways to naturally increase energy levels

How To Naturally Increase Your Energy Level - 6 Tips

There are plenty of over-the-counter medications, supplements, and caffeine products that claim to increase energy. Unfortunately, some of these options, such as soft drinks and energy drinks, are not the healthiest ways to achieve the energy boost you need to get through the day. Although, there are many all-natural ways to increase energy levels without the need for store bought products that have little to no nutritional value. Here are 6 tips and tricks that may help you naturally increase your energy levels:

1. Control Stress 

Large amounts of stress and participating in an abundance of stressful events or activities can be draining, and they especially take up a lot of energy. There are many ways to control stress, such as talking with friends and family members, going to therapy, joining a support group, or even just setting time aside everyday to unwind and destress. By taking part in one or many of these activities, energy levels may increase due to the lack of stress. 

2. Exercise

Exercise is a proven method of getting better quality sleep, but it also has energizing effects. Exercise also has a positive impact on mood due to higher amounts of dopamine being produced, causing a more energetic feeling. Overall, exercise has many added benefits that benefit energy levels but also many other areas. Start the day off with a quick workout or squeeze in a jog after work to see the benefits exercising has for your body and your energy level. 


ways to naturally increase energy

3. Restrict Your Sleep 

Having a scattered and irregular sleep schedule can severely mess with energy levels. If you think you may not be getting enough sleep, avoid napping during the day. Although this advice may sound counterproductive, restricting when you sleep can improve the quality and length of sleep you get when you actually should be sleeping. It can also be beneficial to energy levels to regulate a sleep schedule. This means not staying up until all hours of the night and not sleeping all day. Try setting a realistic sleep schedule that meets your specific needs in order to increase energy levels. 

4. Limit Alcohol 

The sedative effects of alcohol have a great impact on energy level, especially when consumed during the middle of the day causing a mid-day slump. When you are going to drink, make sure that it is in moderation and do so at a time when you are planning to wind down or a time that does not require a lot of energy. 

5. Use Energy Supplements to Your Advantage 

It is very common to use caffeine and other energy supplements in times of lagging or when you need to pick me up. Many people even rely on the cup of energy just to get through the day. What many people may not know is that caffeine can have adverse effects if consumed too late in the day. It can cause insomnia or even cause a draining feeling if consumed after 2 p.m., so drink your energy drinks in a time cautious manner. 

6. Incorporate CBD into your Routine 

CBD may be beneficial in low doses to positively affect energy levels because of the stimulating effect it provides as compared to larger doses and the sedative effect that comes with. The alerting properties may increase focus and mood, especially when CBD is paired with CBG, which enhances the overall effects of CBD for a more potent formula that provides a wider range of benefits than just CBD alone. If you’re looking for the perfect CBD product to help increase your energy levels naturally, check out Naternal’s MOVE CBD + CBG tincture formulated with ginger and honey.