Image of mom and children

Moms: Game Changers and Barrier Breakers

Mom found my cannabis stash for the first time when I was seventeen.  Displeased doesn’t begin to cover it.  Things may have been thrown.  She “explained” the damage I was doing.  She told me I was ruining my life and she absolutely believed it to be true. 

Now she’s one of our biggest supporters.  Many of my most enjoyable conversations start with “Your mom told me I needed to give you a call…”

Moms are extra special.  And I sure feel that way about mine.  She broke so many barriers I don’t know how to count them.  When young women talk about standing on the shoulders of giants, they are talking about her.  She was one of the first in her family to go to college.  She led our local hospital’s geriatric care division.  She was NC’s first female Governor and became a Resident Fellow at Harvard and a Distinguished Fellow at Duke.  

Yet her professional accomplishments pale in comparison to her impact on her family. Her husband, sons and daughters-in-law adore her. She is the gravity that pulls us together. Then, to her grandkids, she is Mimi, an unwavering presence who embodies limitless possibility while inspiring them to dream big. She makes sure they know anything is possible and that they are loved no matter what.

On this Mother’s Day—and every day—we celebrate our Mimi and yours.  They are the barrier breakers.  The game changers.  The awe-inspiring, you can do anything world savers. 

Mom(s), we love you more.