Popular uses for CBD topicals

Most Popular Uses for CBD Topicals


With the many different types of CBD products on the market, CBD topicals are a new way to provide bodily pain and inflammation with some relief. Rather than ingesting like with oils and gummies, CBD topicals are used by applying directly to the skin. CBD topicals are used because of their anti-inflammatory properties and health-related benefits for the skin, joints, and muscles, which in turn allows for alleviation of certain skin issues and muscle and joint pain. 

Types of Topical CBD Products 

There are many different types of CBD topical products, including the most commonly used creams, lotions, and salves - all of which are applied directly to the skin. These products can be either full spectrum or broad spectrum, meaning they either contain or lack the legal .3% of THC. An added benefit, besides the potential relief they provide, is the easy use and application of topicals. Benefits can be seen both at the surface and deeper muscle levels. With application to an affected area, relief can be provided quickly. Below are some of the most popular use cases for CBD topicals:

1. Joint Pain and Arthritis 

In recent studies, CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CBD topicals, when applied to affected areas for arthritis and/or joint pain, have been reported to provide noticeable relief.  The Naternal CBD Salve has the highest potency of Naternal CBD topicals, and it works best for quick and noticeable relief. 


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2. Muscle Aches

Especially after an intense workout, it is common to experience muscle pain and soreness. CBD has been shown to be beneficial in easing inflammation that is associated with soreness and pain. When applied to the skin, CBD topicals absorb deep into the muscles of affected areas, and allow the muscles to recover more quickly. The Naternal CBD Muscle Cream is perfect for post-workout pain and decreased inflammation with the added menthol to act as an all natural Icy Hot. 

3. Dry and Irritated Skin 

Research shows that CBD topicals anti-inflammatory properties are effective in reducing symptoms of some skin conditions. Acne, eczema, and psoriasis are just a few of the skin conditions that are commonly combated with CBD topicals. CBD lotions and creams are also beneficial for dry skin by providing extra moisture. The Naternal CBD Body Butter, combined with lavender and shea butter, promotes healthy and radiate skin. 


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What You need To Know When Buying CBD Topicals

When determining what CBD topical you want to try, it is important to take into consideration dosage, cost, and added ingredients. When considering the dosage, some people may want to start slow with a lower milligram of CBD in each use. It is always possible to increase if you’re not seeing the results that you anticipated. When thinking about how much you want to spend on CBD topicals, you may realize that some prices range fairly expensive. Just because a product costs more, it doesn’t mean it is higher quality, so research prior to purchase is essential. Take into consideration how much you want to spend and how often you will need to purchase the product. Also look into the product ingredients before purchasing. Some CBD topicals come unscented, but others may include ingredients such as lavender and menthol. All of these factors mentioned are extremely important when it comes to deciding what CBD topical product you want to try, so remember to always do your research before purchasing.