Golf and CBD

On Golf's CBD Bandwagon (Introduction to CBD for Golf Series)

By Peter Fox


I’ve been freeloading rides on golf bandwagons for many years.

As a hybrid media and marketing guy, passionate about golf, it has been my pleasure to ride alongside some big deals in the game.

For context:

  • Bringing America its first regular weekday live golf on ESPN

  • Authoring Golf Reform Is At Hand and A Lifetime of Better Golf

  • Co-developing EQuatricsTM handicapping software

And today, paddling alongside a great company leading its CBD products to the golf markets in the USA, capitalizing on the enthusiasm by players experiencing better play using CBD as an additive to their regimens.

The energy surrounding CBD’s inclusion in golf has gathered amazing momentum. Yes, it’s likely fueled by promoted and subtle use of the “swing oil” by big name players like Bubba Watson. Off the record use by the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play a big role.

The good and bad implications of CBD in golf opens a blog cornucopia of riches, so this initial missive is a heads up. It is the first in a series which will parse more deeply these subjects and how they impact rule, play, health, and competitions in golf.

As examples of the multiple sides of issues we’ll explore:

How super seniors can play more often because CBD alleviates aches and pains that are just plain part of reaching a more tender physical age.

Or, how about the nervous club champion finalist who takes an anxiety relieving dose of CBD on the first tee of the championship match? Fair?

The first example goes a long way toward growing the game by encouraging more play. The second evokes an unfair advantage argument.

Check back as we discover CBD for Golf and post blogs exploring these topics.