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Tips for a Relaxing and Stress Free Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and along with the holiday season sometimes comes unwanted and seemingly unavoidable stress. While this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, it can quickly turn into the most stressful time of the year with to do lists, shopping lists, and an unimaginable amount of festivities to attend. Luckily, there are ways to decrease holiday related stress, so let’s go over just a few that may help to make your holiday season more enjoyable and relaxing. Here are 5 tips to ensure a stress free holiday: 

1. Create a Holiday Schedule  

The best way to manage all of the events and festivities you have to attend during the holidays is to create a schedule. This allows you to plan everything out, know what's coming up, and know what has passed. A holiday schedule will also eliminate last minute forgotten tasks that might slip your mind and result in even more added stress. Staying organized is key to a relaxing holiday, so take advantage of calendars and planners to map out what your holidays will look like.  

2. Be Flexible and Welcome the Chaos 

Preparing for the holidays may come with a set schedule and unanticipated changes. To relieve yourself of anticipatory stress, be flexible and prepare for the unexpected. Plans change, people cancel, items may sell out, and events might not go as planned. It is best to welcome the inevitable chaos of the holidays instead of preparing to fight it off. Sit back, be flexible, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

3. Make Time for Yourself and Relax

Fear of missing out is a real stressor in the holidays, but taking time for yourself and relaxing can be much more beneficial for you than taking on a lot of holiday tasks and attending all of the events. This time of year has always been about giving to others, but it can also be a time we give to ourselves. Take time out of your holiday season to unwind and relax; do something you love and enjoy your time alone or with friends and family. 


CBD for holiday stress


Another great way to relax during this stressful time is to incorporate CBD into your holiday routine. CBD may be beneficial in helping you relax and reducing holiday-related anxiety. The beauty of CBD is it can be taken in a multitude of ways, ranging from oils to gummies and even topicals. To determine the best CBD option for you, take our CBD product recommendation quiz. If you have any questions about our brand or our products, email us directly at for more information.  

4. Learn How To Say “No”

During the holidays, you will more than likely be asked to do a billion things and be at a billion different places. Taking on too much and saying yes to everything is a huge cause of stress, especially when you feel obligated to be somewhere or do something for someone else. Being invited to holiday parties and asked to help set up for family gatherings may feel obligatory, but you have to prioritize your own events and tasks first while selecting the few extra holiday events that you do want to attend also. Don’t overwhelm yourself by feeling obligated to do everything, and enjoy the holidays without the stress of overdoing your obligations. 

5. Set Realistic Expectations 

Creating realistic expectations can be beneficial for maintaining a relaxing and stress free holiday especially when it comes to spending on gifts, decorating for gatherings, holiday planning and cooking, and many other aspects of the holidays. This time of the year is all about relaxing and being grateful for what you have, so take it easy and remember that outdoing last year's festivities is not worth losing your sanity. 

This holiday season, focus more on yourself and your sanity instead of falling into the stress ridden craziness. By taking the points above into consideration, you are sure to have a dress free and relaxing holiday season!