CBD Gummies For Kids

Our Story before CBD gummies for kids: In 2017, a doctor wanted to put our daughter  on prescribed medication for night terrors. Our family was worried about the effects of this particular medication on her physical and mental health. We wanted a safe alternative. That’s when Naternal was born. Fast forward half a decade, and we’ve expanded our product line to include CBD gummies for kids to give you a better choice. 

We make safe, effective and trustworthy CBD products for our family members, so you can rest assured that our products are safe for your family as well.

Can I Give My Kid CBD Gummies?

We encourage you to conduct independent research about CBD for kids, consult with your pediatrician, and use your best judgment when determining if CBD use is a viable option for your child. 

Our CBD products are made with high-quality hemp plants, beneficial cannabinoids, and natural ingredients (i.e., elderberry extract, organic tapioca, citric acid, organic flavors, etc.). Learn more about the natural ingredients in our CBD products.

What Amount of CBD Should You Give a Child?

Naternal CBD products are safe for children over four years of age, but kids under 14 shouldn’t take more than one CBD gummy daily.

How Do I Choose The Best CBD Gummies For My Child?

If you, your child, and your child’s pediatrician agree that gummies are the best route, we’d recommend conducting extensive research on the CBD brand before buying CBD gummies for children.

How Do I Know If My Kids Need CBD Oil or Gummies?

Generally, if you’re not a medical expert, it may be best to consult a pediatrician about the potential negatives and benefits of  CBD use for your children. Further, recent studies have assessed the effectiveness of CBD for treating: