Our Most Trusted Advisors

David Casarett

David is Chief of Palliative Care for the Duke Health System and authored Stoned: A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana. He knows a thing or two about helping people.

Mort Congleton

Mort specializes in non-profit development and corporate philanthropy. He keeps us focused on the social and environmental impacts our business has on our community.

Celeste Lutrario

Celeste is a chemist who managed research and development for Burt's Bees after holding similar positions at Chanel and Elizabeth Arden. If we can think it, she can make it.

John Replogle

John led Burt's Bees and Seventh Generation before establishing One Better Ventures. He helps us remember sustainability is no longer optional.

Mark Sirgo

Mark led ArunA Bio, a leader in stem cell research, and BioDelivery Sciences International, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on pain. He pushes us to stretch our goals.