"You are quitting your law practice to start a cannabis company?!?"


I'll never forget that day. Mom wasn't too happy. She's better now and we tease about it. But she sure was fired up. Deciding to start Naternal was no small thing. It meant we had to put everthing on the table and could never look back.

Naternal was born out of necessity. We needed natural alternatives to prescription medicines. It started with a hemp-based tincture we made to help our daughter sleep πŸ’€. Then I started taking it, too, and noticed my mornings felt much more calm. That was 2015 when CBD was just beginning to become a known thing.

We were living in the Research Triangle Park at the time, one of the most advanced life and agricultural sciences hubs in the world, which felt like a great place to get serious about plant medicine. But it is also the Deep South, a place where words like cannabis trigger large feelings. πŸ₯Ά

Fortunately, we had a few good friends who were willing to walk by our side. Celeste Lutrario taught us what it means to make great products. 🐝 Dr. David Casarett helped us understand what compassionate care truly means. πŸ”΅πŸ˜ˆ And even Mom eventually got on board.

What started in our kitchen has grown into a suite of award-winning products, from that first sleep tincture, to vegan gummies of all kinds, drinks that will make you forget that nightly glass of wine and creams to soothe those daily aches and pains. We have become that place where thousands of years of human experience collides with science. 🌿 β†  πŸ”¬

Our family understands challenges are nothing more than cleverly disguised opportunities. But we also cherish those things that help us breathe easy, savor life's simple pleasures and sleep a little better knowing all is well.

We grateful you took a moment to join us and hope you'll stick around. You could make a valuable contribution to this community and we will try to do the same for you. Newcomers get 20% off their first order. Teachers, military and first responders always get 40% off. And our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. πŸ’š Β 

To health and happiness,

Garrett and April Perdue