Delta 9 Gummies - 3mg Melon

Delta 9 Gummies - 3mg Melon


The narrative that THC is a purely recreational product is false. 

Our products are formulated to help you be present - not to make you feel stoned, paranoid or lethargic. The key to cannabis wellness is finding your minimum effective dose. 

These hemp-derived, vegan gummies contain 3mg of Delta 9 THC and 25mg of CBG per gummy with a natural melon flavor and are gluten-free. A typical serving is 1 gummy (with 5 servings per container) - start low and slow to find your perfect dose. 

While some of our other THC gummies have shipping restrictions, these Delta 9 gummies are federally compliant and contain 0.3% or less of THC by weight and can be shipped to all 50 US states!

What is Delta 9?

About twice as potent as Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC is a great option for cannabis users looking for a cannabinoid with more psychoactive effects.

Delta 9 is commonly referred to as THC. Delta 9 THC is short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid molecule in cannabis. Cannabis has over 500 different types of compounds in it, including 100 different varieties of cannabinoid molecules and terpenes which work together for therapeutic effects. CBD (cannabidiol) is another well-known cannabinoid but does not have psychoactive effects.

Benefits of Delta 9 THC

Both THC and CBD work on the endocannabinoid system, which regulates the human body’s homeostatic balance. From cannabis edibles to tinctures and vape juice, a lot of people consider THC usage to be mostly about recreation. However, the vast majority of cannabis users say they take THC and other marijuana- and hemp plant-derived products for the following reasons:

  • Wellness
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain reduction
  • Better sleep
  • Alleviation of negative symptoms from a variety of medical conditions

Delta 9 THC, because it’s more potent and more powerful than Delta 8 products and Delta 10 products, doesn’t require high doses. Even at lower doses, users may achieve feelings of calm and wellness. For first-time users — and for those experienced with CBD products but not Delta 9 — it’s encouraged to start small to find your tolerance level.

Microdosing Delta 9 THC Products

We are here to get you healthy - not high, which is why finding your minimum effective dose is important. Microdosing — taking a very small amount of a product to either test how you react to it or to find the minimum effective dose to receive a drug’s benefits without any unwanted side effects — is a popular way for beginners and experienced cannabis users alike to enjoy cannabis products.

People choose to find their minimum effective dose to find the perfect amount to feel all of the benefits of THC without the feeling of being impaired. Our Delta 9 product, because it’s offered as a 3mg gummy, can be microdosed for those who wish to do so.

For THC edibles and other THC and CBD products, choose Naternal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Delta 9 Gummies are wonderful at night. They settle my mind so I am able to stay asleep all night.

Sleep is key! We love to hear that you are having success with our Delta 9 gummies.

Layna Lee
Peaceful And Calm While Stressed

I have been on anxiety medication for a while but these gummies give me the same effect. Without the harmful side effects, may I add? And they taste delicious.

We are so glad that you have found a natural alternative that works for you, Layna. Thank you so much for sharing!


I really love these gummies. They work really well helping me calm down and fall asleep quickly 😴

Debrorah - thank you so much for the amazing review! We made these gummies to help us all decompress and wind down - so happy to hear they are working for you.

Pure relaxation

It helps chill me out so much

Hi Karla,

We are so glad that our D9 Gummies help you relax! Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!

Need more mg

I wish you sold 5mg or 10mg

Hi Black,

Thank you so much for your suggestion! We are adding it to our product development list for our team to review. Our D9 gummies were designed to be a micro-dose product, but our other THC gummies are more potent.

We recommend giving our Delta 8 gummies a try if you're looking for something stronger. If it's your first time taking delta 8, you can always start with 1/4-1/2 a gummy and wait an hour or two to gauge your tolerance. Then you can increase your dose if you feel like you need more. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help choosing a product, we're here for you! We truly appreciate your support!

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