The THC Flight

The THC Flight

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Can't choose just one of our THC gummies? Try the THC flight which contains one of each of the 5 serving tins. 

You will get:


DELTA 9 THC (5 servings)

10mg of Delta-9 THC is a standard dose for recreational use. Our gummies offer 3mg of D9 THC and 25mg of CBG per gummy, an ideal microdose for promoting clarity and presence.


DELTA 8 THC (5 servings)

Delta 8 THC is similar to Delta 9 THC; however, it is much less potent, offering a more mild experience. Our gummies offer 25mg D8 per gummy.


THCO (5 servings)

Known as the psychedelic cannabinoid, THCO is roughly three times stronger than standard THC in terms of potency. With 25mg of THCO per gummy, it is recommended to start low to better gauge its effects on your body


THCP (5 servings)

THCP is much stronger than Delta 9 because it binds to receptors in the body more efficiently. Because THCP is highly euphoric, we offer it as a 1mg gummy.


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