The Naternal Story.

The Naternal Story.

In 2017, a doctor wanted to put Garrett and April's daughter on prescription drugs because she was having night terrors.

No way. No chance. No how.

They started Naternal instead.

Here's why.

"My dad committed suicide when I was twenty-one. 

I knew it was coming. It was obvious. He was spiraling and needed help. But I didn’t care. I was mad. He’d broken my trust. He deserved whatever he wanted to do to himself and I was going to let him. I even made fun of him when he didn’t get it right the first time.

I blamed myself for a long time. Part of me still does. 

But it wasn’t my fault.    

Call his demons whatever you want. The doctors had plenty of names for them.  And plenty of prescription pills.

Lithium. Zoloft. Prozac. Xanax. All of them. I couldn’t keep up.

That’s where there is fault. 

The pills. The “medicine”. They scrambled his brain. 

Fast forward twenty years. My wife and I are sitting with a pediatric therapist.  Our oldest daughter had been having night terrors. They started after she saw a graphic cartoon at a friend’s house. Before long, she was having panic attacks at the mere thought of bedtime. 

Pediatric Therapist: “Well, there’s this drug…”

Us: “Oh, hell no.”

Naternal was born that day. We needed a choice. 

Naternal was built because we've had some very bad experiences with pharmaceuticals.

It was built so we will have a choice. 

It was built so you will have a choice."​​​​​​​

- Garrett Perdue, Founder and CEO of Naternal


Thank you for choosing Naternal.

With gratitude,

Garrett, April, Millie, Haddie, Anna and the Naternal Family

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