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Feel & Heal, Naturally.

Through minimum effective dosing, our products support your sensory system impacting important functions like pain, anxiety and restful sleep. Try Naternal to moderate mood and alleviate stress in the body and mind.

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Control & Enhance.

We make drinks, drops, gummies and creams with cannabinoids and precise dose control. You won’t find flower, vapes or concentrates. Everyday people choose Naternal for an easy, consistent experience they come to trust and buy again.



The Natural Way to Wellness.

Naternal was born out of a necessity for plant-powered alternatives to prescription medicines and fuels our mission to help others feel, heal and thrive from ingredients found in nature.


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I believe that a little kindness goes a long way. There’s too little of it in the world today! You, Garrett and Naternal have all gone above and beyond kindness. It’s so rare these days. You truly don’t know how much joy it brings to me. Too bad that can’t be bottled and sold!

Bob C.

Naternal's Rescue CBD Muscle Cream (2000 mg) is the BEST alternative to shots and pain meds. I use it on both of my knees and the results are incredible.

Sid B.

Highly Naternal for it's pain-relieving salves and muscle creams. They are absolutely fantastic!

Richard V.

This company has the best customer service I’ve encountered in a long time. Always respond to questions and provide a fantastic discount for military and teachers!

Betsy G.

My husband has been using the broad spectrum for the last 5 months and he truly feels he has less inflammation/pain in his back & hip. He had back surgery 2 yrs ago and also has arthritis. We trust Naternal and have had great customer service every step of the way!