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Full Spectrum D9 THC Drinks (plus CBG)

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Naternal Cannabis Beverage FAQ

Why try a D9 THC drink?

Ditch the unwanted baggage that comes with that beer or glass of wine. Choose an all-natural, low calorie, mountain spring water and fruit-based treat instead. Roughly equivalent to a single drink, have a single glass to unwind on the beach or after work. Maybe have two or three for a night out with friends. Whatever your plan, these highly versatile drinks will help you set the mood and have a little fun.

Will a D9 THC drink make me feel high?

The short answer is yes, D9 THC-infused drinks can make you feel high. But the experience varies depending on several factors including experience, tolerance and body structure.

Potency Matters

The "high" you feel is directly related to the amount of THC in a particular drink. Our 5 MG THC beverage is designed to offer a balanced experience, making it a suitable option for both newcomers and those familiar with THC products.

You should expect it to feel roughly equivalent to a single alcoholic drink though you may want to exercise caution if you are feeling unsure. It's always good to start low and slow!

Absorption Rate

Because it's a drink, your body absorbs the THC differently compared to other product forms such as edibles. In simpler terms, a 5 MG D99 THC drink may feel like a slightly lower dose, offering a milder experience.

Personal Factors

The effects of THC are highly personal and can depend on your weight, history of use and tolerance levels. It is a whole lot like how some people handle alcohol differently than others.

Quality and Safety

All Naternal products are crafted with care and we always adhere to the highest regulatory standards.

How quickly will I feel a D9 THC drink?

You'll typically start feeling the effects in 10 to 15 minutes. Unlike gummies or other edibles that have to work through your digestive system, your body begins absorbing the moment you take your first sip.

Why So Fast?

The science is pretty neat. The D9 THC in the drink is water-soluble, meaning it gets absorbed faster by the soft tissues in your mouth, throat and stomach.

The Magic of Nanoemulsion

We use a process called nanoemulsion to make the D9 THC molecules smaller. This helps your body absorb it quicker, not just in your mouth but also as it travels down your esophagus and into your stomach.

So, if you're looking for a quick and effective way to unwind, our Delta 9 seltzer has got you covered.

How long will I feel a D9 THC drink's effects?

The duration depends mostly on how much THC you've consumed. A smaller dose, like a few milligrams, might give you a light buzz that lasts about an hour. A bigger dose between 10 to 20 milligrams could have you feeling the effects for several hours.

Quick In, Quick Out

One of the perks of cannabis drinks is that the effects kick in quickly and tend to wear off sooner.

Sip and Savor (or Stack)

One great thing about drinks is that you can sip them slowly instead of gobbling an entire dose at once like you would with an edible. This makes is much easier to control a gradual onset in order to make a decision about whether you want to stack a second one (or third).

Where can I find a D9 THC drink near me?

Naternal products are available in hundreds of stores across the country. Whether you're in a small town or a bustling city, chances are there's a store near you that stocks our D9 THC seltzer.

Use Our Store Finder

Not sure where to start? No worries! We've got a handy store finder tool on our website that'll point you in the right direction. Just pop in your zip code and voila! You'll see a list of stores near you.

Straight to Your Doorstep

If you're more of a homebody or just love the convenience, order directly from our website and we'll ship your D9 THC seltzer right to your door.

Does Naternal make a D9 THC drink mix?

While we don't currently offer a Delta 9 drink mix, we've got something just as exciting for you.

Mocktail Magic

Our range of products, including our D9 seltzers, make excellent bases for creating your own mocktails. Imagine sipping on a refreshing, THC-infused beverage crafted by you, for you!

Get Inspired

Need some recipe ideas? We've got you covered. Head over to our blog or social media profiles where we share all sorts of creative and delicious mocktail recipes. Whether you're a mixology novice or a seasoned pro, you'll find something that tickles your fancy.

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