Naternal's Affiliate Program will help you earn while you help us grow.

Naternal’s affiliate program allows individuals and businesses to earn a commission equal to 20% (or more!) on any transaction that is made using a special link the affiliate shares.  Typically, our affiliate program works best for people who already have a platform or following where they reach a lot of people. It could be a blog, YouTube channel, or even a big social media presence. The key is having an audience that trusts your recommendations.

We provide our affiliates with best in class support.

  • Direct access to our CEO, brand manager and in house marketing team
  • 20% Sales at minimum
  • Custom asset and program design
  • Vanities for Custom Placements
  • 30 day Cookie
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What Makes a Successful Affiliate?

How is Affiliate Different from Wholesale or Refer a Friend?

Our wholesale program allows businesses to earn a higher percentage of the sale but requires inventory be purchased and resold in an existing storefront.  Our Refer a Friend program is less formal and allows you to earn a $20 Naternal credit anytime someone uses a link you send to make their first Naternal purchase.