The Naternal Affiliate Network (“NAN”) makes it easy to earn cash fast!

Our affiliate programs are designed to empower friends and family, influencers, and publishers to share the benefits of Naternal’s exceptional plant-based products with their networks while earning revenue shares for their efforts.

Affiliate Types

Friends and Family


Friends and family who love our products are Naternal’s very best referral source.  When someone in your network makes a purchase using your unique referral link, you’ll earn a revenue share up to 50%!

Plus, when your friends start recommending Naternal to their own networks, you continue to benefit from their referrals.


Enjoy financial rewards for sharing the products you love with those around you. It’s a great way to earn extra income while helping others discover the benefits of Naternal.

How It Works:

Simply share your unique product link via social media, email, or text. When someone makes a purchase using your link, you get paid. It’s that easy!



If you’re a creator with a social media following or audience, we’d love to have you promote Naternal products to your followers. Whether you’re on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, or any other platform, you can earn a revenue share up to 50% for every sale generated through your promotions.


Monetize your influence by partnering with a brand that prioritizes quality and transparency. You’ll receive a fee for promoting Naternal products to your audience.

How It Works:

Integrate your unique referral link into your content. Share reviews, testimonials, and product highlights with your followers. Every purchase made through your link earns you a commission.



Publishers, including both print and digital media entities, can join our affiliate program to place product reviews, articles, and promotional content about Naternal. This is an excellent opportunity for media outlets to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.


Receive a fee for publishing content that promotes Naternal products. Enhance your content with high-quality product information and reviews.

How It Works: Embed your unique referral link in your articles, reviews, or promotional content. Readers who purchase Naternal products through your link contribute to your commission earnings.

Why Join the Naternal Affiliate Network?

Easy to Share: Sending a product link to friends, followers, or readers is simple and effective. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to participate.

Financial Rewards: Earn commissions for every successful referral. The more you share, the more you can earn.

Quality Products: Partner with a trusted brand known for its premium, plant-based products that help people relax, recover faster, sleep better, and have fun.

Supportive Community: Join a network of like-minded individuals and entities who are passionate about wellness and natural products.

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