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Naternal Hemp-infused Topicals FAQ

Why should I try hemp-infused topicals?

Experience targeted relief and skin nourishment with Naternal creams. Infused with our foundational blend, our creams and salves penetrate deeply to provide immediate relief for specific areas. They're formulated with natural ingredients like essential oils and botanical extracts, offering a luxurious skincare experience. Unlike drops or gummies, topicals offer the advantage of localized application, allowing you to focus on specific areas that need attention. Whether you're an athlete seeking muscle relief or someone looking for daily skin rejuvenation, Naternal creams are your go-to for topical wellness.

How do I use Naternal topicals?

For our muscle cream, simply squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and apply it directly to the sore or tense area. Gently massage the cream into the skin until it's fully absorbed. You'll start to feel the soothing effects kick in shortly, helping to relax those tight muscles and ease discomfort.

As for our salve, it's just as easy to use! Scoop out a small amount with your fingers and apply it to the targeted area, whether it's aching joints or dry skin patches. Rub it in using circular motions until the salve is absorbed. The nourishing ingredients will get to work, providing targeted relief right where you need it."

Feel free to keep a jar in your gym bag or bedside table for easy access whenever you need some relief! 😊

Are these safe for all skin types?

Our creams and salves are formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients and are designed to be as gentle as possible. That being said, everyone's skin is a bit different. While our products are generally well-tolerated, if you have sensitive skin or a specific skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, it's always a good idea to do a patch test first. Just apply a small amount to a discreet area of skin and wait 24 hours to make sure there's no irritation. And, of course, if you have any concerns, it's always smart to consult with a healthcare provider.

How fast do these work?

Our creams and salves are formulated for quick absorption, so you'll typically start to feel the soothing effects within just a few minutes of application. The active ingredients get to work fast, providing targeted relief right where you need it. However, the duration and intensity of the effects can vary from person to person, so you might need to give it a little time to fully experience the benefits.

Can I use these with other topical products?

Our creams and salves are formulated to be gentle and are generally safe to use with other skincare or medicinal products. However, if you're already using a prescription cream or ointment, it's a good idea to chat with your healthcare provider before mixing in a new product. This way, you can make sure there are no interactions that could lessen the effectiveness or cause irritation. So, while our topicals are designed to play well with others, a quick check-in with a healthcare provider is always a smart move, just to be on the safe side.

Do these have THC in them?

Yes, our creams and salves are full-spectrum products, which means they do contain a trace amount of THC. However, the concentration is very low and well within legal limits. Most importantly, the topical application won't produce a psychoactive effect, so you won't 'feel' the THC in the way you might with other forms of consumption. And you won't fail a drug test. The presence of THC, along with other cannabinoids, contributes to what's known as the 'entourage effect,' enhancing the overall benefits of the product.

How much tincture should I take?

Naternal products typically use 20 milligrams per serving as its dosage foundation. This decision was made because we most often see 20 to 50 milligrams as the recommended adult CBD dose, and it is also a common maximum dose recommendation for children. This made it a solid starting point for those who are new to cannabinoids and a sensible ceiling for our younger friends. 

CBD products are generally considered safe when taken at appropriate dosages as directed, but potential side effects may include dry mouth, diarrhea, drowsiness, fatigue, or a loss of appetite. CBD may also have potential reactions with certain medications. Contact our customer service for any questions you may have regarding our nonprescription CBD products, and have a look at our customer reviews to see what people are saying.

**Due to current regulations, our products cannot be evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, ailments, or serious medical conditions. Products may contain trace amounts of THC but will not produce psychoactive effects. Low percent THC may show up on a drug test, but drug tests will not generally be screening for CBD. 

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