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Launch Delta 9 THC Gummies 10 MG (30 Count)

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Our 10 MG D9 THC and CBG Gummies are the ultimate cheat code for a balanced, vibrant life. Infused with a unique blend of energizing maca root, vitality-boosting cordyceps and clarity-enhancing ginkgo biloba, these gummies partner perfectly with THC's most celebrated effects. Relish the zesty lime flavor that makes wellness taste like a tropical getaway. Ideal for kicking off a celebration or simply elevating your daily unwind to a healthier, more enjoyable experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones with the gummies that are setting a new standard for holistic well-being.

What You'll Love:

  • 10mg of Delta 9 THC and 25mg CBG per serving for a balanced experienceElevates mood and enhances mental clarity
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free—plus, no high-fructose corn syrups or artificial dyes
  • Invigorating lime flavor that's a feast for your taste buds
  • Compliant with federal laws, making it legal in all fifty states
  • Elegantly packaged for on-the-go convenience
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    How We Make Sure You Get a Lift

    How do cordyceps and maca root interact with THC?

    We understand that many people worry about THC making them feel sluggish or tired. That's why we've carefully selected cordyceps and maca root to complement the THC in our D9 10 mg gummies. Cordyceps are renowned for boosting energy and improving stamina, while maca root is celebrated for enhancing energy and mood. Together, they work in harmony with THC to create an uplifting experience that aims to elevate, not sedate. It's our way of offering you a balanced and energizing approach to wellness, without the drowsiness often associated with THC products.

    Why should I buy cordyceps mushroom gummies?

    Cordyceps mushrooms are a natural powerhouse, long revered for their ability to boost energy and improve stamina. Specifically, cordyceps are known to support respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, and even help with fatigue.

    Why should I buy maca root gummies?

    Maca root is a natural gem that has been celebrated for its adaptogenic properties, helping your body adapt to stress and maintain balance. It's known for enhancing energy, boosting libido, and improving mood.

    Why should I buy ginkgo biloba gummies?

    Ginkgo biloba is a natural wonder known for its cognitive-boosting abilities, including enhanced focus and mental clarity. Ginkgo biloba is also celebrated for its antioxidant properties and its ability to improve blood flow.

    Why should I buy vitamin B6 and B12 gummies?

    Vitamin B6 is a champ when it comes to brain health and turning food into energy. Vitamin B12 is a go-to for keeping your energy levels up and fighting off that midday slump. Together, this dynamic duo helps make our gummies an easy and uplifting part of your daily wellness routine.

    Spotlight Ingredients

    • Delta 9 THC

      At 10mg of THC, these gummies pack a punch.

    • CBG

      CBG, a cannabinoid found in cannabis, has been noted for its potential as an anti-inflammatory.

    • Cordyceps

      Cordyceps are functional mushrooms known for their performance boosting effects.

    • Pectin

      Pectin, derived from natural fruits, is a healthier alternative to gelatin in gummies due to its plant-based origin. This also allows for our gummies to be gluten-free.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Wonderful Sleep Aid

    I have never been one to partake in recreational drugs. Being in the military for over 20 years will beat that into you. However, my wife and I take one of the Delta 9 gummies at bed time and we both sleep so much better without the hangover effect you get with most other OTC sleep aids. Highly recommend!

    david matthews

    Great products and great customer service!

    Delta 9 THC Gummies are Great!

    They taste better than most THC edibles. Very potent, in fact I am going to cut them in half and see if that is enough! I will circle back with additional comments after that.

    Does the job

    Helps with stress a ton. My wife and I are now loyal customers.

    Courtenay Carruthers

    Launch Delta 9 THC Gummies 10 MG (30 Count)