• You can trust the source.

You can trust the source.

The CBD industry is booming. But as more products have flooded the market an unfortunate side of the business has also grown: misinformation.

Naternal was founded by people who, many years ago, started looking for a CBD company they could trust. They needed products safe enough to give their own family members for issues ranging from sleep disorders to life-threatening diseases.

When they could not find a company adhering to high standards for quality, consistency and testing, they decided to make their own. They wanted to do things differently though. Instead of building a cannabis company that would try and learn about science they would hire world-class scientists so that they could have a science company making cannabis products. After forging relationships with farmers they had known for decades, then creating a state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facility, they began offering the products now known as Naternal.

Born from a desire for natural wellness and created for people who are passionate about self-care, every Naternal product is tested (and retested) to the standards used by other traditional health and wellness companies. Each product we sell is one we would give to our own family members. And we tell you that because we know that every person’s experience with CBD is slightly different, however the one benefit we absolutely can guarantee when you choose Naternal is peace of mind.

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