CBD for fitness

Essential Post Workout Routine for Athletes

If you're trying to graduate up to the next level in your workout game, you're probably dealing with more sore muscles than you have in the past. That's because working out breaks down the muscles, and after the workout is when you'll really feel it. Some people reach for the ice, pain pills or opt for a hot shower, but before long the soreness will be back. Loading up on pain pills isn't something that anyone should be resorting to when planning an essential post workout routine.

If you're wondering how to relieve muscle soreness after a workout, you may be missing out on the best option if you haven’t been considering CBD. CBD can help reduce post workout pain and provide relief from muscle soreness after exercise, as well as reducing inflammation in muscles that are busy rebuilding. That's better than popping pain pills or walking around with ice packs attached to your body all day, and it's as easy as taking some CBD after your workout.

Introducing CBD

As one of the main active ingredients in cannabis -- the other being THC, the stuff that provides a high - CBD is a non-psychoactive component that won't get you high or have you feeling loopy, but it can help soothe those aching muscles if you're experiencing post workout muscle pain. For many, CBD is a part of their essential post workout routine, and it's only one of many uses CBD offers alongside many benefits. 

According to a 2018 study, CBD helped reduce inflammation and improved mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis. There are thousands upon thousands of anecdotal uses of CBD and its effectiveness as a muscle relaxer, making it one of those great things to do after a workout.

CBD for fitness

Taking CBD

For the uninitiated, CBD may be as confusing as the burgeoning CBD industry itself. There are so many products that contain CBD, as well as many products that only contain trace amounts of CBD that ultimately do nothing at all. However, people are free to take CBD in many different ways, such as by inhaling it, ingesting it orally, or applying it directly to the skin. The products themselves are familiar enough - tinctures, edibles, pills, concentrates, flowers, and topicals - but the sheer number of options can be confusing to novice CBD users.

The wide variety of options that CBD is available in is also its greatest blessing. Instead of being forced into one product type that may not meet your needs, various CBD products enable you to choose the delivery method and application that works best for your situation CBD also allows for you to mix and match different methods however you see fit. For some, their essential post workout routine may be to take CBD from a tincture (so it enters the bloodstream) as well as a topical (directly targeting those sore muscles).

While some may have difficulty with dosing, others may need varying doses for the same effect. It is easy to build up to the dosing you need by following the recommended dosing and upping it if it's not doing quite enough to help relieve that muscle soreness. As part of an essential post workout routine, CBD is commonly taken immediately after a workout, primarily ingested but also as a topical to help with localized soreness and pain.

Benefits of CBD as an Effective Muscle Relaxer

It may come as a surprise, but there are almost 15,000 scientific and medical studies that show the health benefits of CBD. The benefits vary wildly, but we are starting to understand more about how CBD can help reduce muscle soreness when taken after a workout. 

First and foremost, CBD can help reduce muscle inflammation that's caused by strenuous physical activity. That makes it an essential post routine workout, especially if ice and other approaches aren't doing the trick. After all, who wants to carry ice packs around all day? For athletes, day laborers, and those that push their bodies to the limits, CBD is even more beneficial when taken after a workout to reduce inflammation and pain. It also reduces recovery time so that you can get that next workout in.

CBD has also been shown to help decrease muscle tension, which is a common affliction that usually accompanies muscle injury. Not only can muscle tension be detrimentally painful, thus requiring muscle relaxers and pain meds; but it's these very same drugs that are used to relieve the pain that come with debilitating side effects including depression, dizziness and an overly medicated feeling that can take you out of your workout routine for a significant period of time. On the other hand, CBD has no known side effects and is one of the best ways to deal with post workout muscle tension.


CBD for pain


For those suffering from workout induced pain, CBD is not just a painkiller, it's far better than pills and other narcotics that come with a whole list of possible side effects. Instead of dulling the senses, CBD blocks pain transmission in the brain and spinal cord, as well as decreasing inflammation and pain sensitivity.

Another important thing to do after a workout is to get great sleep, and CBD can help with that, too. This is due to the body doing a lot of its work while you're sleeping, such as restoring damaged proteins, cleaning up cellular debris and changing over that lactic acid into glucose in the liver. It's also the time when your muscles grow, and CBD helps you get a better night's sleep so that your body can optimize all those functions while you recover.

Keep in mind that insomnia or poor sleep over an extended period of time comes with its own elevated health risks, and that CBD can help you get that insomnia under control so that you get a better night's rest. It can also help reduce muscle soreness, allowing you to get back in for that next workout sooner rather than later.

Lastly, CBD is also linked with an increase in energy levels, which can mean attacking that next workout with vigor instead of skipping it for some downtime. In this sense, taking CBD before that next workout can increase your energy and focus, making it an essential pre workout routine as well as a great post workout routine for its ability to reduce inflammation and pain. 

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