How I found my balance with Naternal

How I found my balance with Naternal

By Bella from Miami Moms Blog

On March 16th 2020, my whole world changed completely from one day to the next. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, my office and my son's daycare closed on very short notice. Obviously, this meant I would have to work from home while watching my child at the same time. At first, I was up for the challenge...I figured it would be nice spending more time with my son. Also, I expected work to be manageable in times like this. But the more time progressed, the more overwhelmed I became with the situation. 

Things turned out much different than I thought. I was assigned a big project at work that required me to work crazy hours...sometimes 12 hours a day and even weekends. The workload seemed too overwhelming for me in the beginning. Not to mention, having a toddler at home who requires a lot of help and attention was extra challenging. Additionally, I am a mom blogger and was still trying to meet all of my blog deadlines. I went from being a working mom to being a workaholic, a daycare teacher and a housekeeper all at once. It came to a point where I thought I would crack and it seemed nearly impossible to carry on. 

Once I pulled myself together, I was able to come to terms with the fact that the situation wasn't going to change anytime soon. But how could I alleviate the stress and allow myself to become more productive? I am so glad I discovered Naternal CBD oil to bring some relief and peace back into my daily life. I started meditating at night and incorporating Naternal's Hemp Extract Oil as a substitute to essential oils. As a result, I was able to focus on my goals and change my attitude to have a positive outlook on all the challenges I was facing. 

Naternal started becoming and essential part of my self-care routine before going to bed. Every night, I would eat a healthy and nourishing dinner, and after my skin-care routine, I would take 1ml of Naternal's Hemp Extract Oil. I noticed a change in my sleep quality and would wake up feeling energized and de-stressed. While I still had the same workload as I did before, I had a more improved and more relaxed attitude, which made it much easier for me to tackle my tasks. I became much more productive and nothing seemed quite as impossible anymore. My toddler's development continued to excel during his time home with me, and I even got a promotion at work! 

A few weeks earlier, I would have never thought I would be able to handle all of these changes at once. I am usually someone who gets stressed out very easily. If you are in a position where you feel like you're about to crack during these crazy times, I really want to emphasize how important it is that you do something good for yourself. Taking care of yourself is imperative to taking care of others. I would highly recommend this CBD oil to anyone who is looking to improve their self-care routine. Naternal has helped restore the much needed balance back into my life. 

Bella from Miami Moms Blog