how to choose a CBD product

What to look for when searching for a quality CBD brand and product

With the cannabis industry booming, it may be overwhelming when deciding which CBD products you want to purchase and take. There are thousands of brands and many different types of CBD products to choose from. Personal preferences have a major impact on the products that are right for you, but there are many things that you should look for before buying products to make sure they are safe, effective, and will fit specific needs best. 

What to look for 

There are many things to look for and consider in your search for the perfect CBD product and brand. Let’s dive right in! 


CBD products range in price from brand to brand, and some product types cost more than others. It is not uncommon to find a drastic margin in price when comparing different brands' products. Some CBD brands will charge upwards of $200 for a tincture (major red flag). It’s important to keep in mind that a high, excessive price does not always reflect a higher quality product. Many people do not know what price should be expected when purchasing CBD, but we’re here to tell you higher prices do not equal higher quality. If you’re looking for very reasonably priced CBD products, check out Naternal for all of your CBD needs without breaking the bank!

Company Values, Transparency, and Reputation 

Next to the product, the brand is one of the most important aspects to look into before purchasing. Look for brands that clearly label what’s in their products, that seek to educate customers on CBD, and that are very transparent. Also look for brands that fit your values, whether it is purchasing from a women owned company or a brand that focuses on educating the community about CBD. You want the brand to be transparent about their ingredients, and this information should be found on websites, labels, and easily accessible. Lastly, a brand's reputation can be shown through customer testimonials, so read the reviews! All of these are very important aspects to picking the right brand for you. 


CBD brand efficacy

Where The CBD Products Are Sourced

When purchasing CBD, you want to make sure the products are sourced from a place where hemp and cannabis are heavily regulated. The United States is a perfect example of this, and the ability to regulate CBD allows for safety and compliance with regulatory laws and health standards. These standards can also impact quality that’s why it’s best to go with locally grown and trusted sourcing. If a company is getting their CBD oil from a United States source, you know that it will be of a higher quality.

Natural vs. Unnatural Ingredients

One of the best parts about CBD is the simplicity of the ingredients so you know exactly what you’re using on your body. The ingredients that go into the perfect tincture or topical should be all natural and provide some intended health benefit. By avoiding products that contain unnatural and unnecessary additives, you’re avoiding possible allergens and potential negative effects. Some of the most common additives are ones that promote health and are all natural, such as elderberry, other cannabinoids, lavender, shea butter, and many more.  

Health claims 

Another major red flag to look out for are the health claims a brand makes about their products. It is only legal for prescription drugs to make claims about the ability to treat certain conditions. The FDA has repeatedly over the years cracked down on many companies selling CBD products for making unproven health claims. When looking through CBD brands, avoid firm and promising claims, but understand and look for brands that explain the overall possible benefits of CBD and the customer testimonials for the relief they have received.