One out of seven adults in the U.S. uses CBD products, and according to them, they have a good reason. Many users of CBD oils believe it offers many physical and mental benefits. We can’t make specific claims about the benefits of CBD oil (due to federal regulations). However, we can point you toward the millions of American families who freely provide anecdotal evidence about the effect CBD oil has had on their lives. We’ll let you decide what’s best for you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to chat!

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

Due to FDA regulations and federal laws, we are unable to speak about specific health benefits attributed to CBD oil. We recommend you learn more about the available research regarding the wellness and health benefits of CBD extracts

Types Of CBD Oil We Carry At Naternal

Our CBD oils are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients like MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil). We use pure CBD extract and natural flavors like honey, ginger, lavender and vanilla. In our CBD topicals, we use natural ingredients like cocoa butter, sunflower oil, lavender oil, menthol crystals, beeswax, arnica, argan oil, vitamin E and more to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Naternal’s Full Spectrum CBD oils have more natural benefits than just CBD isolate. We extract all  cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant to yield the most robust cannabis extract for the entourage effect.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil is the perfect middle-ground between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil. Generally, broad-spectrum CBD oils share the same benefits and qualities as full-spectrum CBD oil but are THC-free

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Browse our selection, and get the CBD oil that fits your lifestyle and needs.

What Is The Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

CBD oil and hemp seed oil come from cannabis plants. However, hemp seed oil derives from cannabis seeds and contains no cannabinoids. On the other hand,  CBD oil derives from the cannabis plant’s leaves, stems, and flowers. Sometimes CBD oil is also referred to as hemp oil, but if you’re looking for CBD, be sure you are getting a pure hemp oil extract. You can double check the lab report to confirm.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence and test studies available to learn more about the differences, uses, and claims associated with CBD oils and organic hemp seed oils.

Which is Better, CBD Oil or Gummies?

The best CBD products for your health, lifestyle, and needs depend on you. Generally, if you prefer a fixed dosage and a tasty treat, CBD gummies may work better for you. 

However, CBD oils may be the best choice if you want more control over your dosage. Do your research, and try the method that’s most comfortable for you.